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Black and white twisted loop microfibre drying towel


Black and white twisted loop microfibre drying towel

Out of stock

£9.99 was £14.99 due to slight dye line on the white side (this will not effect the performance of the towel)

  • Twin layered
  • 1375GSM
  • 50x80cm
  • edgeless
  • Only available in black and white

Comes with a re-usable zip lock bag this will keep the towel safe and away from dust and contaminants when not using.

DO NOT USE if the vehicle is dirty as this will ruin the towel and will also scratch your vehicles paintwork.

Only wash when it needs washing but if the vehicle is washed correctly. You will only need to dry the towel and store back in it’s zip lock bag and your good to use again.

When washing the drying towel we recommend to use a dedicated microfibre wash product.

Wash temperature 30-40

Wash separately and then hang out to dry naturally DO NOT dry on a radiator.

Over time the white side of the towel will slightly loose it’s colour after washing. This is perfectly normal and it will not effect the towels performance whatsoever.

If the towel manages to get a pull or a long strand this is not a fault with the towel. It is quite common you just have to carefully cut the strand and it will be back to normal.

Do not use the towel to dry the vehicle if a drying aid has been used. This could effect the performance of the towel due to hydrophobic properties sticking to the microfibre.

Out of stock

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