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Each detailer exclusively uses Wax & Away products, guaranteeing a top-notch finish and exceptional quality!

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Whether you're a experienced professional or a beginner just starting on your journey, we would love to work with you! Wax & Away is looking for detailers to team up with.

There are numerous benefits for you to thrive in the industry as outlined below

  • Approved Detailer Listing

    Your business will be added to our approved detailers map above, instantly gaining you a much wider audience and business exposure.

  • Exclusive Pricing

    Instantly gain access to exclusive pricing unique our partners.

    Access to our trade portal to effortlessly place orders

    20L option on all our products

  • Unwavering Support

    Access to support from our proffesionals with over 20 years experience.
    Should you need any help or advice, we are always just a call away