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Clay Bar

Clay Bar

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Used with a liberal application of our Clay Lube, our Clay Bars offer the ultimate solution for the complete removal of stubborn road tar, unsightly brake dust, sticky tree sap, and other persistent contaminants. Designed for professional results, our Clay Bars are a must-have for any meticulous car enthusiast or detailer.

Unleash the power of our Clay Bars to achieve a flawlessly smooth and contaminant-free finish on all vehicle surfaces, including glass and chrome. With their high grade and free-moulding form, these bars are specifically crafted to effectively eliminate and absorb even the most stubborn stains, leaving your vehicle looking as good as new.By using our Clay Bars in your final detailing stages, you unlock the potential for a showroom-quality shine that will impress even the most discerning eye.

Every bar is meticulously manufactured, ensuring a consistent and reliable product that delivers exceptional results time and time again. The rich micro-pores in our Clay Bars enhance their stain-removal capabilities, allowing for a deep and thorough cleansing experience that surpasses other traditional cleaning methods.

Not only do our Clay Bars provide extraordinary cleaning power, but they also facilitate a smoother application of wax or other protective coatings. By preparing the surface with our Clay Bars, you create the ideal foundation for long-lasting shine and protection.

200g Clay Bar

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