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Decontamination Kit

Decontamination Kit

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A car exterior decontamination kit is an essential set of products designed to thoroughly remove contaminants such as tar, sap, bird droppings, and metal particles from a vehicle's surface. These kits often include specialized solutions, clay bars, and lubricants that work together to cleanse the paintwork without causing damage, thus restoring the vehicle's shine and ensuring a smooth surface for further detailing steps. By effectively eliminating bonded contaminants, a decontamination kit not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the car but also provides a crucial layer of protection against the long-term effects of corrosive substances, keeping the paintwork in pristine condition.

Kit Comes With;

500ml Purple Venom with trigger
500ml Tar & Glue Exterminator with trigger
500ml Clay Lube with Trigger
200g Clay Bar
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